CourseGrind is social.

What being social means to us! 


CourseGrind is social. From the moment we hosted our launch event, our social values have been high on the agenda. We believe in the human connection. If someone is highly motivated but can’t pay the course money, we are going to look for creative solutions. If wee want to organise an event for a lot of people, but our resources are not sufficient, then we are forced to be creative with our partners. But the most important thing is that we don’t see CourseGrind as a way for personal gain. We see CourseGrind solely as the saviour the world needs in a time of turbulent change. And on that mission, we are working actively every second, minute and every day. 

I have learned more here with CourseGrind in a single evening then in the last year as being an individual business owner. Therefore I highly recommend CourseGrind to anyone. 

Johannes van Staveren